• July 12, 2017
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Abundance Secrets



Abundance is something that we all desire, but few of us manage to bring abundance into our lives. On this site you can find secret ways to manifest almost anything.

It can be very hard for anyone who has never experienced abundance in their lives, or non achievers who have been with anyone who manages to create anything they desire.  It can get very frustrating for them.  I have spent many years working on different ways to manifest things, and now they can just happen in the most unexpected ways without me actually having to do anything.

Example One

I have just come back from a trip to Kenya where everything was paid for me.   All I had to do was turn up at Heathrow on time just over a week ago, and I have just got back.  I did not expect that trip to happen, but I love travel and going to new places, and out of the blue I was invited.   OK I had to share some of my experience while I was there, but that was all part of the fun.    So when we know the secrets of an abundant life, the most unexpected surprises can happen.

Example Two

I arrived home today in the early afternoon, and was aware that there was a lot of jet plane activity in the area.   I am a pilot and I teach people to fly which is my real hobby and passion and that brings me a huge amount of satisfaction.   And anyone who knows about flying will understand that we love anything to do with flying.

So when I heard the jets, I realised that this weekend is the RIAT air display at Fairford which is not far from me.   I have never been to this event because I am usually working, and it is also rather expensive.   And this awareness came to me that really I wish I had been and it would be nice to go at least once to this famous air display.  I had the thought, and literally within 30 minutes I had a phone call from one of my ex-students telling me he had a spare ticket for the airshow, and would I like to go with him!

That is the power of thought, and manifesting abundance.   There are many ways of doing this consciously, so we get what we are desiring, and there are numerous ways of doing this.  I have personal experience of secret and esoteric ways of manifesting and I will post them to this site on a regular basis.

Try this little experiment.  When you go to bed just ask for a nice surprise within the next 48 hours.  Do not ask what it may be, or demand anything in particular,  just quietly ask “yourself” for a nice surprise.   When I did this a few days ago, within 10 hours I had a text saying that a PPI refund was going to be sent to my bank account within 10 days.   Today three days later it arrived.  £210 of unexpected money.  The most important thing to do then is to be grateful and say “Thanks”.

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