Do You Have An Abundance Mentality Or Scarcity In Your Life?


Individuals with a belief in lack have a mindset making it difficult to accomplish their goals in life. We really need to understand the fact that each one of us is perfect love.

This perception of love becomes a holy instant in which you are accepting the laws of God as your own free will. Your free will is not about loss; it is meant to be used for completion of your purpose, as well as for the benefit of your brothers and sisters.

The completion can be seen as a blessing for everyone to experience– a gain with no loss.

It is the understanding of the perfectness in each of us individually that will give us fulfillment in our special relationships. Each of us was created by one Creator, who created us as perfect.

If you are living a life with a scarcity mentality, then scarcity is what you believe in, and love will have no meaning.

You are accepting gain or loss as a way of life. In the holy instant we must recognize the idea of love in ourselves first, and then we can see love in our sisters and brothers, where gain or loss has no meaning.

This makes me think of my love for music, though I never have been a musician myself, other than singing in the shower after a nice round of golf– not profitable, and probably not enjoyable when heard by others. Seriously, I specifically have always loved the piano and dreamed of playing it.

It’s a place where scarcity is nonexistent.

That place is your Kingdom of Heaven, and is beyond any thinking the ego could ever muster up. It’s a place where the body is incapable of entering.

His giving, with the sensation of a packed auditorium receiving his offering, as we plead and applaud for encore after encore, is a holy instant where everyone has gained, with no loss whatsoever. This is the “shared One Love” I’m talking about.

The holy instant

My love for music continued into my adult life, and my favorite musicians are pianists. I am filled with peace and joy, with no scarcity thinking during these moments.

Life is that instant while you are here on Earth–a holy instant. No matter how long an instant it is, it gains strength by sharing it. When you share love, you are inside a holy instant.

A Course in Miracles tells us that, “When we hold onto the idea of love as being within ourselves, only then can we unite this idea of love within us by sharing with the One Mind That Thought It.”

By holding it within as a unified feeling, there is no loss. By perceiving the love you feel as the same love in others you see throughout your day.

To an abundance mentality

By James Nussbaumer 

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