Anna is well known as the person who communicated with the black leopard called Diabolo, and found he was unhappy with his name which is why he was so fierce and angry with people. When he told this to Anna, and his name was changed to Spirit, he was totally transformed. Watching this video helps us to understand how strong our thoughts are. Being careful with our thoughts, and being overwhelmingly positive in our outlook brings positive things to us. This is one of the big secrets of creating abundance. First we have to bring it into our mind and awareness, and then unknown forces create in mysterious ways that which we desire. What you do not want to do is to try to imagine how this abundance is going to happen. Just let the unexpected happen and it is amazing how things just appear when you want them and when you least expect them. This happens constantly for me as I know that whatever I need or want will come to me without trying to do anything specific. It just happens. When it does the next secret is to acknowledge this event, and say thanks. The more you are aware of things happening in this way, the more frequently they happen. Try it and see what happens.