• July 25, 2017
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This is a really easy secret abundance tool

This is a really easy secret abundance tool which you can use if you really want to create abundance in your life, and create anything you desire, change your body, make yourself well, or create almost anything you can dream of, it all starts in the mind. If your mind is working the right way, then you will be led to the target in the most amazing and unexpected ways. But it has to be in the mind, and you must allow the forces that direct everything we come across in our lives to work without demanding they happen a particular way or not. We may then be shown a way to what we desire, but we still have to take action to make it happen. Learning to recognise we have been given a clue or a way comes in time, and with practice.  I wanted to be a commercial pilot, but had no idea how I was going to achieve that without money. But I got there. You can listen to the story here.

I have recently been led to this very simple but incredibly powerful way to programme our minds. Many years ago, subliminal advertising was discovered, in which while watching a cinema screen, messages were put on the screen which flashed so quickly that the conscious mind hardly had time to notice them. But they were absorbed by the unconscious mind, and there was an immediate desire to do what the advert suggested. It was so powerful and potentially dangerous that it was banned. However we can use it for ourselves, on our own computer, and we can either use the huge selection of affirmations that are pre-written, or we can create our own and just by sitting at our computers our mind is being programmed to create the things we desire. The person who introduced me to this wanted to reduce his heart rate to 50 as he wanted to have more stamina and be athletic. He put that suggestion into the programme and forgot it. Some time later he bought a device for recording heart rate and he thought there was something wrong with it when he put it on and found his heart rate was 50. He was expecting to see about 70 which was normal for him. But after testing he found that his heart rate was actually 50 at rest. Then he remembered what he had put on his computer and was immediately highly impressed with the programme and the power that it gave him or anyone who cared to use it.

I use it myself and have noticed subtle changes in my life as slowly the suggestions I have created start to manifest themselves.
Here is more information on it for anyone who wants to buy a copy. It works on both Mac and PC.


Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind!
Access Powers You Never Dreamed Possible

New Subliminal Message and Image software empowers you to:
  • Boost Concentration & Memory
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Improve Parenting Skills
  • Enhance Business Acumen
  • Master Emotions
  • Amplify Your Creativity
  • Even Lose Weight!
While you work or play at your computer! Works on Mac or PC.

Watch a demo of how it works here.

Or go straight to the Mindmaster home page.


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